Recorded settlement in Holyrood began in the late 1700s; however “Holyrode” appeared on a map of Newfoundland published in 1675. Some of our earliest settlers hailed from the Channel Islands of Jersey & Gurnesey & today we have names like Besso, Devereaux, Hawco, LaCour, Lewis, Veitch to remind us of this heritage.

However, by far the biggest impact was the “Irish Invasion” that took place from 1790 to 1820 when some twenty to thirty thousand Irish fisherman & farmers settled in and around the bays of Newfoundland. Holyrood was largely populated by this invasion, and one James Kelly settled a piece of property on the south shore of Holyrood where the Tea Garden sits.  The legacy of James Kelly has passed down through Doyle, O’Brien, Carroll, LaCour, and now Hunt.